Windows Cloud Server Plans

Compute Optimized Virtual Private Servers running fully licensed Microsoft Windows

Compute Optimised VPS

All Promethium Cloud Solutions Windows VPS Cloud Servers reside in compute optimised configurations, meaning our performance per VPS exceeds expectations and none of our offerings are over subscribed.

Our systems utilize the best hardware, including SSD Hard Drives for optimum performance, Advanced Intel XEON CPU’s and all Windows Cloud VPS reside on Dell Hardware with the latest virtualization software.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Each customer is deployed into a Private Cloud Network of their own allowing multi-tiered applications and multiple Virtual Private Servers to sit in their own Secure Virtual Distributed 10GBit Network and 100% customizable firewall configuration. 

Full Server Management

Unsure of how to configure and manage your Virtual Private Server? Let Promethium Cloud Solutions do it all for you, as a managed customer you only need to submit a support request and our team will make the adjustments for you.

Australian VPS

Superior Datacentres. All safely in Australia.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated CPU, RAM & Storage

Microsoft Partner

Certified Micorosft Partner

Australian Support

Quality Australian Support staff.

Scalable Package

100% Scalable UP or DOWN


Secure Firewall

Industry leading security. Customizable firewall

Automatic Backups

Keep your data safe and secure.

Migration Assistance

Migrate with ease to Promethium VPS


Managed Service

Trouble free managed VPS packages. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Options

Customise your requirements.
Promethium Cloud solution work with many customers to offer custom solutions, dedicated servers, sites with hundreds or even thousands of users requiring anything from entire racks to dedicated servers.

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