Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Compute Optimized Cloud Based Secure Virtual Desktop Solution  

Desktop as a Service (Daas) Explained

Desktop as a Service (Daas) is a secure cloud-based desktop solution where the back end of your desktops are hosted and provided to you as a secure service accessible 24/7 from anywhere.
DaaS has a multi-tenancy architecture, this means that multiple desktops (users) can be supported allowing complete scalability for organisations in single or many locations.
DaaS functionality also includes central data storage, backups, application upgrades, security, controlled subscription based costing and support.

Personal data is stored on the DaaS environment, not locally. For ultimate peace of mind it is then part of our enterprise level Veeam backups with offsite copies performed.

Promethium DaaS Performance

Our systems utilize the best hardware, including SSD Hard Drives for optimum performance, Advanced Intel XEON CPU’s and all Windows Cloud VPS reside on Dell Hardware with the latest virtualization software.

Full Server Management

Unsure of how to configure and manage your DaaS (Desktop as a Service)? Let Promethium Cloud Solutions do it all for you, as a managed customer you only need to submit a support request and our team will make the adjustments for you.

Australian Based

Superior Datacentres. All safely in Australia.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated CPU, RAM & Storage

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Certified Service Provider

Australian Support

Quality Australian Support staff.

Scalable Package

100% Scalable UP or DOWN


Secure Firewall

Industry leading security. Customizable firewall

Automatic Backups

Keep your data safe and secure.

Migration Assistance

Migrate with ease to Promethium VPS


Managed Service

Trouble free managed DaaS packages. 

Increased Productivity

Virtual Desktops offered through DaaS allow employees to sit down on any desktop or laptop device (or even some mobile devices) and logon to their desktop environment.

Reduced Company Device Costs

Personal computers don’t work as hard as the compute power is on the Promethium Clusters and as such the local computers will actually last longer and have lower specification requirements.

Reduce IT Infrastructure

Buying local licenses, installing applications are things of the past. You can save with subscription based licensing and pay for what you need. While also reducing your local IT support requirements.


Pay for only what you use.

As your business adapts to changing needs so does your DaaS. Pay for the users you need allowing rapid changes to monthly costs as you scale up or down.

Centralize your Company Data

The Personal Computer essentially decentralizes company data, where as DaaS brings all data into a central location stored on the Promethium DaaS cloud securely and backed up regularly. Files and documents are revised in the cloud and available across the DaaS customer environment as required instantly.


Improved Your Data Security

Essentially when Employees are working through DaaS, all copies of the files are stored and accessed centrally. No need to email files around. Furthermore, automated daily and offsite backups are taken care of with at least 2 weeks of data sets available at all times and this can be increased as required.

Reduce IT Staffing Requirements

By shifting the majority of your compute requirements into the DaaS environment your file services, application host requirements, etc are taken care of. So no need for costly onsite servers or unknown IT costs.

Multi-Site Ready.

DaaS is perfectly configured for everything from a single user to hundreds of users shared across multiple locations. As each user is connecting to the central Cloud and always accessing the same data set.

We have been using Promethium for a number of years now, they have been reliable and professional at all times.  We have recently moved to their DAAS environment to do away with all of the mixture of mac’s, pc’s we had around the office.  Implementing the Wyse terminals has simplified everything and they are a much more cost effective option than any machine we have used in the past. These terminals are up to 50% cheaper than machines being replaced yet run more efficiently.

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Promethium Cloud solution work with many customers to offer custom solutions, dedicated servers, sites with hundreds or even thousands of users requiring anything from entire racks to dedicated servers.

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