Why Choose Promethium?

Promethium Cloud Solutions are here to help Australian businesses, put simply, we take away the headache of your business IT and make it available anywhere 24x7x365 to let you get on with what you do!

The Promethium Ethos

We just love doing what we do, providing our IT services we can help our customers make the most of our expertise and focus on what they do best.

We will nurture your data securely, back it up, maintain your solution, support you as you grow, ensure you get the best and latest in hardware on offer all while keeping your IT costs fixed and under control.

We love watching Aussie business thrive free of the constraints and stresses of their IT equipment, staff and financial burdens.

The Only Cloud Provider You’ll Ever Need

Promethium Cloud Solutions provide Australian VPS with a turnkey, managed, monitored, maintained and highly performing solution. All housed in Australia on the fastest and most reliable networks available.

Australian VPS

All Servers Housed in secure Datacentres. Superior Security, Power, Connectivity. All safely in Australia.

Australian Support

Owned and operated in Australia, providing quality Support. No overseas redirects.

Automatic Backups - Multisite

Veeam Enterprise backups nightly! All to both local and offsite secure backup vaults. Rest easy that your data is secure at all times.

Dedicated Resources

Promethium provide VPS solutions with dedicated resources, CPU, Memory & Storage are never oversubscribed and all reside on enterprise SSD for optimal performance.

Scalable VPS Package

Our VPS packages are 100% scalable. Your solution with us will grow as you need it to. No problem.

Migration Assistance

We offer support to help you migrate your servers to our superior VPS Solutions.

Microsoft Provider

Don’t stress about licensing. We are a Microsoft SPLA Partner and provide subscription licensing on all VPS offerings.


Secure Firewall

Secure filtered traffic with advanced industry standards firewall technology.

Managed Service

Managed VPS packages are secured, monitored and updated for peace of mind.

Our Staff Manage your Solution

Rest easy knowing that your Server is backed up, maintained, up to date and looked after at all times.
As a Microsoft partner we know how to ensure you have the best availability and performance possible.

With local and offsite backups performed using Veeam Enterprise every single night!