Simplify your business with top-tier server hosting in Australia

The right server hosting solutions will ensure that your website has better response times, site performance, and tech support to keep customers engaged. Explore how this can be realised in your organisation.

Simply put, the right server hosting service will provide the complete technical support your website needs ensuring that customers have access to a safe website at any time.

For instance, websites that have frequent or long downtimes due to unreliable server hosting solutions can cause a drop in search rankings. The eventual consequence is a downturn in sales and online customer engagement.

However, businesses can avoid all these problems if a reliable Australian server hosting service is implemented to create a dependable and engaging website for visitors looking for a brand they can trust.

Expert tips on selecting leading server hosting in Australia

Determine the exact server hosting solution you need

Understand the unique needs of your business to narrow down your server hosting options. For instance, if you’re building a website that has live streaming or video blogging then your website needs significantly more features than a business that has a website as a virtual resume. Understand the purpose and features that you require and then work on finding the right server hosting solution.

Get the proper bandwidth

You will find that most new websites don’t use a significant amount of bandwidth, however, it’s important to keep your options open in case you need more. Make sure that the server hosting company you select doesn’t trap you into a certain amount of bandwidth and then charge you additional fees in the event that you need to revise your server hosting plans as your business grows.

Read reviews or customer testimonials of server hosting companies

Third-party reviews can be a helpful way of learning more about the reputation and reliability of the server hosting companies you’re considering. You can uncover any complaints or consistency issues from existing and past users. Keep a close eye on how companies respond to customer complaints since it’ll give you an idea about how they will respond to you should you have a complaint or issue.

Partner with Promethium for leading server hosting in Australia!

We’ve helped many clients reap the benefits of our server-hosting solutions in Australia. Here’s why our clients opt to part with us.


We ensure that you get your data on time with our super-fast, multi-homed redundant networks.

Data integrity & security

We protect your data and its integrity with our Australian datacentres and secure offsite backups.


You’re supported in Australia by Australians. We employ local experts to provide unmatched support.


How secure are your servers?

Our servers are designed to ensure that your data is always secure. From datacentres in Australia and our offsite backup vault, we ensure the complete security and integrity of your data.

How often is my data backed up?

Website data is backed up every night to our local and offsite backup vaults protecting your data at every turn.

Do you do demos?

Yes, you can select a date and time that’s convenient for you and schedule a demo. We’ll be happy to take you through the multitude of services we offer.

Take the stress out of your IT infrastructure with server hosting in Australia!