Experience the many benefits of web hosting services in Perth

Web hosting services can help small businesses manage their business operations without spending too much time on IT activities.


If you’re an entrepreneur with a small business or are in the process of establishing one, you’ll need a good website to back you up. The retail sector, for instance, has seen a surge in eCommerce, and many enterprises generate substantial revenue by selling goods online.

However, a website is more than just a platform for online sales; it must operate seamlessly all the time. And this can be done by working with top-quality web hosting services in Perth.

The benefits of web hosting services in Perth

Better website performance

Website performance is extremely important if you want your visitors to keep coming back and converting. A slow website can cause people to leave and look for your competitors. Fortunately, web hosting services can ensure that your website is fast and snappy.

Improved security

With cyber-attacks becoming more commonplace and cyber criminals constantly finding new ways to attack, website security is extremely important. The good news is web hosting providers have the latest malware protection measures in place as well as backups.

Regular tech support

Trying to maintain your website by yourself or with the help of your IT team may distract you and your staff from other important operations in your business. Reputed web hosting service providers will offer tech support and handle maintenance for you.

Work with one of the best web hosting services in Perth

At Promethium, we make running your business easier for you by taking on the burden of IT operations. We maintain your website, secure your data, and give you all the support you need to keep your company’s website running at its best.

Our servers are all housed in Australia and we make back-ups on a daily basis, ensuring that your data is safe—always. Work with Promethium today and watch your business thrive!


Does Promethium offer Desktop as a Service (Daas) solutions?

Yes, we do. You can learn more about it here.

What kind of hardware does Promethium use?

We use SSDs and Intel Xeon processors to bring you the best performance possible.

Does Promethium offer custom servers?

Yes, we offer customisable dedicated servers that can be tailored to meet your specifications.

Looking for web hosting services in Perth? Get in touch with Promethium today.