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What is a Cloud Solution?

by | Jan 27, 2021 | News & Culture

What is a cloud computing solution?  In simple terms, a cloud solution is the utilization of a service provider for your own data storage and / or application needs.  This provides small to medium-sized businesses with access to high-quality servers at minimal cost and with no capital outlay. 

What is DAAS? Desktop as a service (DAAS) is becoming extremely popular for businesses of all sizes. It allows an organisation’s applications and data to be stored at a single location; with authorised users able to connect in via internet from any location. 

Traditional ICT set-ups include staff with individual PC’s, laptops or tablets with various applications and data stored locally.  The disadvantage of this structure is that when a machine fails or is lost / stolen, it is time-consuming to arrange a replacement machine and set it up with the necessary applications.   Furthermore, there is a high-risk of data loss. DAAS reduces the cost of lost time and data by storing everything in a single, off-site location and back-ups at multiple locations.  You simply reconnect to the server on a new device!  DAAS comes with the highest levels of security and reassurance that the server (your data) is backed-up nightly.

Data Security

Promethium provide the latest security applications and policies to mitigate external attack.

Cost Effective

Our servers and DAAS are provided to you at a fixed monthly cost with no capital outlay.  We can also provide Wyse terminals to replace PC’s; these can be purchased or provided in the monthly fee.

 Backed-up and stored safely in Australia

Unlike many service providers, back-ups are included in our standard package.  Any Promethium Server you select is backed-up and stored safely in Australian data centres only.  No data is stored outside of Australia.

No IT Staff required.

Once using our DAAS you will have no need for external IT requirements. You simply need a PC, laptop or Tablet with an internet connection.  Alternatively, we can provide Wyse terminals so you will not need to source your own devices. 

Migration Assistance

We understand you are busy and may not have the technical knowledge to install your applications on the DAAS environment.  Let us help you.  The staff at Promethium Cloud Solutions have years of experience in migrating the systems of various businesses.