Create a formidable foundation for your business with cloud hosting in Brisbane

Swapping traditional hosting for cloud hosting in Brisbane can help businesses adapt to changing market conditions and become more agile.

As more and more IT systems are externalised, the decision of choosing a cloud provider to host these systems can have a significant impact on the long-term success of your business.

From industry giants to smaller niche players, the market for cloud hosting in Brisbane is vast and has a multitude of service providers offering an even greater number of services.

So, how do businesses select the right cloud provider from a crowded marketplace? The answer may vary depending on the unique needs of your business.

What to consider when choosing the right cloud hosting service

Understand your business needs

Does your business experience moments of high traffic that call for ramped-up bandwidth quickly? Or are you executing projects that could scale rapidly down the road? Before selecting your cloud hosting service provider, take a moment to outline your business goals and understand why you need cloud hosting. Ensure that your chosen service provider can align with your goals and help you evolve.

Know what support you get

Ask questions! Don’t back away from asking the tough questions upfront that can greatly improve your chances of choosing the right cloud hosting service provider that can meet your needs. Find out whether customer support is limited to a chat service or call centre, or whether you have access to a dedicated resource that you can reach out to for assistance in case urgent attention is required.

Develop a response plan with your service provider

Whether your website crashes or there’s a service outage, even the most well-oiled machine isn’t bulletproof. Select a service provider that works with you to develop a response plan in case a disaster strikes. Ask questions about the security and frequency of the backup process. If they have a solid plan to ensure minimal disruption, then you’re on the right track to finding the right solution.

Anticipate your future needs

Think strategically about the cloud hosting model you’re being pitched and whether it justifies the cost. Cloud hosting in Brisbane is a great way to future-proof your business if you carefully plan and research your options in order to get ahead. Do a cloud service comparison and check client reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of who you’re potentially partnering with.

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Can you custom-create servers based on client requirements?

Yes. Promethium Cloud Solutions Dedicated Servers can be custom created on request to suit your needs.

Are your data centres based in Australia?

Yes. All our data centres are located in Australia. This means that we use multi-homed redundant networks that enable data to travel from your systems to your servers in our data centre super fast!

Can I get a demo before I decide to use your services?

Yes, you can schedule a demo on a date and time that’s convenient for you and learn more about the cloud hosting solutions we offer to help your business scale.

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